Sail Catalina with Blue Pacific Yachting

Sail Catalina with Blue Pacific Yachting

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Sail to Catalina Island  

If you grow up in Southern California, you have looked across the Pacific Ocean to see Catalina Island—the island hovers on the horizon like our very own Riviera. As kids, you may have taken a whale watch boat across the channel or taken the ferry to the island for a day trip. In sixth grade, my elementary school class raised money to visit this island “26 miles across the sea,” and Santa Catalina was waiting for me.

10-year-old me; he became a sailor that day. As kids around me were getting seasick, I held a camera in my hand and took as many Instamatic photos as possible. Then, I watched a few sailboats, and I was hooked. I knew one day I would own a sailboat.

My first overnight sailing excursion was to Catalina Island, and my family still sails across to Two Harbors at least once a year.

Sailors wanting to have the Catalina Island experience can get just that with Blue Pacific Yachting out of Marina Del Rey, California.

Sail to Catalina Island with Blue Pacific Yachting 

Blue Pacific Yachting

American Sailing School, Blue Pacific Yachting have added new learn to sail classes to their already lengthy collection of sailing courses. Their 6 day, 5 night “0 to Hero” live-aboard class is conducted on their new 2023 Excess 11 catamaran or their very popular 2019 Jeanneau 440. Students complete our ASA 101, 103, 104, and 114 classes in 6 days. The first two days are in Marina del Rey, and then on day 3, they take off for Catalina Island for the remaining 4 days. 

Blue Pacific Yachting also offers a Catalina Island Charter Class. This non-ASA certification course helps build your charter skillset and charter resume for future trips. Blue Pacific Yachting has 4 catamarans in their fleet and they will be holding 3 separate 5-day charter classes (July, August, September). Classes includ the vessel, captain/instructor, some provisioning, fuel, and mooring fees.

Blue Pacific Yachting has a charter fleet that includes:


  • 2022 Leopard 45 – 4 cabins/ 4 heads
  • 2020 Lagoon 42 – 4 cabins/ 4 heads
  • 2023 Excess 11 – 4 cabins/ 2 heads
  • 2014 Leopard 44 – 4 cabins/ 4 heads


  • 2023 Dufour 470 (47ft monohull with 4 cabins/4 heads 
  • 2019 Jeanneau 440 (44ft monohull with 3 cabins/2 heads)
  • 2013 Dufour 450 Performance (45ft monohull with 3 cabins/ 2 heads)

Why Sail To Catalina Island?

If you are from Southern Calironia it affords you a sailing vacation without a trip to the airport or updating your passport. However if you need more reasons to visit Santa Catalina Island here are a few:

  • Beautiful natural scenery: Catalina Island is known for its stunning natural beauty, including crystal-clear waters, rugged coastline, and rolling hills. Spend an afternoon kayaking and snorkeling directly from your sailboat.  If you are anchored in two harbors hiking trails are easily accessible.  
  • Unique cultural attractions: The island has a rich history and unique cultural offerings, including the Catalina Island Museum and the Catalina Island Casino, a famous landmark that features a ballroom, movie theater, and museum.
  • Recreational opportunities: Visitors can enjoy a range of recreational activities, such as golfing, fishing, parasailing, and zip-lining.  If you enoy eating as a recreational activity having a meal with a view of the ocean is a perfect way to spend an afternoon.
  • Family-friendly fun: Catalina Island offers a variety of activities that are perfect for families, such as glass-bottom boat tours, miniature golf, and a zipline eco-tour.
  • Unique wildlife: The island is home to a variety of unique wildlife, such as the Catalina Island fox, which is found nowhere else in the world. Visitors can also spot dolphins, whales, and other marine life on a boat tour or while snorkeling.  However, the American Bison has a home on Catalina Island. The bison were brought to the island in the 1920s for the filming of a movie and were left there afterwards. Over time, their population grew and they have since become one of the island’s most iconic attractions. Today, visitors can see bison grazing in the interior of the island, and there are guided tours available that provide a closer look at these magnificent animals. The Catalina Island Conservancy manages the bison population and conducts regular health checks to ensure their well-being.